The Rail Response

Ms. Conrad:
Thank you for your inquiry and leadership to help identify and communicate issues of concern on behalf of the citizens of the Town of Harrisburg.
Yes, I did receive last Friday copies of the petition and signature package hand delivered from Representative Larry Pittman. We have under internal review the questions and issues you communicated in the petition.
As our team presented at the December public meetings, and as we have developed the program of projects in collaboration with the Town staff, we identified a broad array of potential project impacts for review and comment. Following the public meetings we also have continued our staff work to address as many of the issues as we can to avoid, minimize or mitigate the impacts.

We expect to have completed our work by the end of this month to address the issues identified by local government officials and citizens at the most recent Kannapolis, Harrisburg and Charlotte meetings as well as those from the local, state and federal agencies. We would then be able to respond to each point in your petition and other issues raised elsewhere about the program of projects.
Attached please find a copy of the Haydock to Junker Double Track Crossing Consolidation Robinson Church Road Grade Crossing Traffic Analysis, dated September 17, 2010. This is the traffic impact analysis we conducted to help evaluate and determine our program of projects.
I am not a traffic engineer nor an attorney and therefore cannot specifically answer your question about "What evidence would be needed for DOT to re-evaluate a traffic study?" Logically I should think it would be a review of the methodology and metrics the Department used for this study. We would be pleased to discuss this and the attached information with your contractor.
Patrick B. Simmons
NCDOT Rail Director
The Harrisburg Library
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