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We need to continue to collect signatures on our petition (attached). Several businesses continue to display the petitions for signatures. Lowe's Foods has the petitions available at their front counter if you need to refer someone to a location to sign. Please forward to me other business locations with petitions and we will list them in the next email. If you have an email database in your neighbor, please forward the attached letter and petition to the administrator of the neighbor email database.

The distribution list for HARRISBURG CONCERNED CITIZENS is over 200 email addresses, if others would like to be included in this distribution, we will be glad to add them to the database.
Mr. Simmons is expecting more signatures. We have already sent him 1616 signatures and would like to send him an additional 3400 signatures before they have completed their response to our concerns.
Please plan to have signatures turned in by Wednesday, February 22, 2012 by 9 PM.
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